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Don’t let a broken water heater throw cold water on your comfort! Call Tacoma Water Heater Services today for water heater repair and water heater replacement!

Tacoma Water Heater Services is the place to turn for water heater repair Tacoma WA residents have trusted for years. We know the feeling of dread that kicks in when cold, icy water sprinkles out in place of the warm water you were expecting.

There are many different reasons why water heaters stop working. Our team can come out to your home to provide an assessment of what’s causing your water heater to malfunction.

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If possible, we’ll simply provide water heater repair by fixing the component that’s preventing your home’s water supply from being heated. If it’s determined that a water heater replacement is needed, we can guide you on choosing the ideal unit for your household before providing professional water heater installation.

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Our team is always happy to give you a detailed report with your estimate. As the company for water heater repair Tacoma WA residents have trusted for years, we’re here to get everything running smoothly again as quickly as possible.

Why Do Hot Water Heaters Break?

There are many reasons behind why hot water heaters break. In fact, we’ve seen it all during our many years as the company for water heater repair Tacoma WA residents rely on for quality service. If your water heater is broken, it’s always smart to get an assessment of the cause to ensure that you don’t repeat the same conditions that caused your unit to break down prematurely when installing your new one. Take a look at the common causes behind water heater failure.


Rust is one of the most common causes of damaged water heaters simply because the rods and anodes that prevent your unit from eroding will eventually begin to erode over time. The good news is that proper unit maintenance is often enough to avoid this problem. Rods and anodes can be replaced every few years to preserve the life of your unit. However, the rust may get to a point that causes your unit to become damaged beyond repair if it begins to stop working due to corrosion.

How water heaters break - Water Heater Repair Tacoma WA


Like rust, minerals can also build up in your water heater. The problem with minerals is that they actually solidify over time until the components within your system are encased. As a result, these components must work harder. This leads to wear and tear that will ultimately shorten the life of your unit. This is another case where routine hot water heater maintenance in Tacoma, WA can make all the difference.

Broken Thermostat

A broken hot water heater is sometimes just a case of a broken cut-off switch on the thermostat. Once you’ve had a professional confirm that your thermostat is broken, a replacement can be installed.

High Water Pressure

Water pressure that’s too high can damage your water heater. Generally, 80 psi is the highest water pressure that’s acceptable before problems start. Leakage from your overflow pipe is the clearest clue that your water pressure is too strong.


While a heater that stops working prematurely usually points to some kind of error, the reality is that many water heaters simply sputter out due to old age. Most water heaters are designed to last for 10 to 12 years. Your heater was probably on its way out due to age if you noticed uneven heat levels, a flickering pilot light, or other signs of inconsistency before it stopped working. The bright side is that you can upgrade to an energy-efficient water heater replacement that will help you save on household energy bills!

The Wrong Size Water Heater

This problem is more common than people realize. Water heaters are available in a variety of sizes that can accommodate households of different sizes. Both usage frequency and appliance size should be considered when choosing the right water heater. If you purchase a water heater that’s too small for your household’s needs, it may burn out from overuse much faster than expected.

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Options for Hot Water Heater Replacement in Tacoma, WA

The options for replacing a broken water heater in Tacoma are better than ever:

  • Conventional water heater

    A conventional water heater is a great option for anyone looking for a low-cost water heater. These models feature 20-gallon to 80-gallon water tanks. What makes this option slightly less efficient than upgraded models is that conventional water heaters keep stored water heated all the time.

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  • Tankless water heater

    Tankless water heaters only heat up water when you need it for better energy savings and efficiency. They work using electric or gas elements that warm your water as it travels through your pipes toward the unit. In addition to being more efficient, tankless water heaters provide an endless supply of hot water because there’s no “reheat” time needed after the tank is emptied.

  • Hybrid water heater

    Hybrid water heaters are “heat pump water heaters” that transfer out heat gathered using an evaporator coil to water waiting in an enclosed tank. A reservoir ensures that hybrid heaters never run out of water. Hybrid water heaters are up to three times more efficient than traditional water heaters because they generate their own heat.

As the company for water heater repair Tacoma WA residents turn to when it’s time for water heater installation, Tacoma Water Heater Services is more than equipped to help you determine the right option based on your budget, household size, and usage habits.

We Offer Water Heater Repair Tacoma WA Residents Can Use to Get Their Households Running Again

When you call Tacoma Water Heater Services for help with a broken water heater, we’ll send our trained technicians out to take a look at the issue.

Following a complete diagnostic checkup, we’ll provide you with an assessment of the problem that includes a recommendation for how to solve it.

In addition to providing repairs and replacements for all types of water heaters, we also provide routine water heater maintenance and cleaning to help you maximize the efficiency and lifespan of your unit.

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Tacoma Water Heater Services has years of experience with residential and commercial water heater installation, repairs, and maintenance.

We offer honest evaluations, fair pricing, and a commitment to excellence. We also make it easy to schedule an appointment to get the help you need.

Discover the ease of using the company for water heater repair Tacoma WA residents turn to first for dependable service. We are fully licensed, insured and provide fast service when you need it.

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Whether you need water heater replacement, new installation or repair service we are here for you. Contact Tacoma Water Heater Services today!

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